8 Channel DVR, Mini Professional Series H264

This high end DVR records at the highest resolution possible for a CCTV DVR at D1 resolution (720 x 480) at up to 120fps for all 8 cameras. You can pack this DVR full of storage space, it supports up to 8 Terabytes of hard drives, that means you can install up to four 2TB hard drives and record for months of video. This DVR has 8 BNC video inputs as well as 8 RCA audio inputs for your audio cameras or microphones. For video outputs, it comes with two BNC video outputs (one for monitor and one for spot), one VGA output to connect any VGA LCD monitor or computer monitor, and a high definition HDMI video output to connect a flat screen tv. It also has one RCA audio output to listen to audio that you might be recording.

You can expect the best from this DVR when it comes to remote connectivity. It supports remote login over the internet using Internet Explorer on any Windows based PC, and supports the iPhone, Google Android phones, most balckberry phones like the Torch, Nokia symbian phones, and Windows Mobile based phones. For video backup you have several choices. You can either save to a usb flash drive using the USB port on this DVR, or download video over the network using the software that comes with this DVR. Best of all the video is playable on any computer using the free VLC media player.

Of course, let’s not forget this DVR has built-in video motion detection capabilities. You can select cameras and set sensitivity levels and areas within each camera where you want this 8 channel DVR to monitor for motion. This way you can record on motion and save hard drive space, and also instruct the DVR to alert you via email when motion is sensed. Besides motion triggered recording, you can set schedule based recording to record on set day and time, or manual recording. If you want to get really fancy, you can even tie in motion sensors and other alarm sensors to trigger recording.