AOC 23 Inch E2352PHZ 3D LED Monitor

The slim high-definition 23″ e2352Phz 3D Monitor brings flicker-free 3D to your PC for the ultimate PC gaming and film watching experience. The monitor uses the latest FPR 3D technology to display bright, crisp and vivid 3D images, while eliminating eye fatigue and dizziness caused by conventional 3D displays. The e2352Phz offers simple setup with plug-and-play connection to any PC, and its HDMI 1.4a input is ready to play 3D video and sound from the latest consumer electronics devices, from 3D Blu-ray players to gaming consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360. While conventional 3D systems require more hardware and are more costly, AOC’s 3D monitor is simple to set up with plug-and-play connection to any PC and even easily converts pictures, games and videos from 2D to 3D.