Power Guard 1500VA Offline UPS With AVR

Product Requirements PG 650 PG 1200 PG 1500 PG 2000
Power (VA) 650VA 1200VA 1500VA 2000VA
Input Voltage 120 VAC or 220/230/240VAC 25%(145-290V5V Option)
Frequency 50/60Hz+/-10%
Output Voltage (Inverter Mode) 120 VAC or 220/230/240VAC 10%
Capacity 390W 720W 900W 1200W
Frequency (Inverter Mode) 50/60Hz+/-10%
Transfer Time 2~6ms typical
Waveform Modified-Sinewave
Protection Spike & Surge Suppression Yes
Over/Under Volt. Switch to Bat. O / P when Mains over regulation range
Over load /short Circuit Fuse & current linited for both Mains and Battery modes
Function Cool start Cool start computer even there is no main power
Automatic recharge Automatic recharge even UPS is off
Battery Type Lead-Acid miantenance-free
DC Bus 12V8.2Ah 12V9.0A 12V9.0A
Number 1pcs 2pcs 2pcs 2pcs
Recharge time 8hours90%
Back up time 15mins 35mins 1hr 15mins 1hr
Efficiency AC-AC 1
DC-AC 0.6
Acoustic Noise level 45dB
Environmental Temperature -5-45 DegreeC
Humidity 20% to 90%
*Back-up-Time : UPS will support one set PC. PC power conjumption unit based on 130VA