Are you looking for Norton security products? Maybe you are concerned that:

• Your computer is infected with harmful viruses and spyware, which could make you lose valuable data.
• Your identity and personal sensitive data could be stolen. What if a key-logging program secretly installed itself onto your machine to record every key stroke, including when you type in your passwords?
• Your security is not guaranteed when you are shopping or banking online and your confidential data could be intercepted by a third party.
• You could be the victim of a phishing attack and have your credit card or bank account number stolen without you ever knowing about it until it is too late.
• Your computer could be taken over by hackers that would not only steal or destroy important data but could also use your machine to commit more online crime.

Scary? Yes. Yet, many computer users are not addressing these concerns properly. That’s where Norton security products come into play. Whatever you do online, you are protected with Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security or Norton 360. Don’t wait and surf the web with peace of mind!