Transcend 32GB Micro SD & SHDC Memory Card

Key Features

Class 10
Fully Compliant with SD 3.0 Standard
Mechanical Write-protection Switch
32 GB Memory Card
Content Protection for Recordable Media
RoHS Compliant
Built-in Error Correcting Code

There are various devices around us that require extra memory, like phones, tablets, certain net books and notebooks to name just a few. Out of all the memory cards available in the market, Transcend cards are known for their reliability and build quality.

Classification and Memory

The Transcend Memory Card with 32 GB of storage space is a Class 10 Card that is capable of high speed data transfers.


The Transcend Class 10 memory card is fully compliant with SD 3.0 Standard classification as it allows for reliable transfers. The Memory Card by Transcend is RoHS Compliant as well.


The memory card comes with a mechanical write-protection switch that can be engaged to safeguard your precious data. It also comes with Content Protection features for your Recordable Media.

Error Correction

The Transcend Memory Card with 32 GB Memory comes with an built-in Error Correcting Code to keep your data relatively free from corruption.