Transcend 8GB Micro SD & SHDC Memory Card

Key Features

Class 4 Memory Card
Guarantees Reliable Write Performance
Built-in Error Correcting Code
Mechanical Write-protection Switch
8 GB MicroSDHC Memory Card
Easy to Use
Plug-and-play Operation
Fully Complies with SD 2.0 Specifications

Give your mobile storage a boost with a generous 8 GB of memory that Transcend Memory Card MicroSDHC provides you. At Class-4 speed, this card ensures relatively fast rates of data transfer and storage while you capture every moment making them special.

Guarantees reliable write performance

Built to deliver world-class quality with perfection, this Transcend memory card microSDHC guarantees a reliable write performance ensuring a hassle-free fluid transfer and storage of data.

Easy to use, plug-and-play operation

Designed to be extremely user friendly, this device offers a simple plug-and-play option that requires no prior installation or tweaking of settings.

Complies with SD 2.0 specifications

The Transcend memory card MicroSDHC employs SD 2.0 specifications ensuring compatibility with most current generation devices.